Its hard for us to really know someone..
Then hard to let someone that we really know go..
Yeahh..REALLY HARD..*im crying rite now..huhu
Many Unexpected things happen to me lately..
I don’t think that I have enough strength to face it..
God help me..give me strength
People help me..
Friends I need ur support…
Thanks min and Julia..I appreciate both of you
Its really the hardest time I ever had
To all my course mate thanks for being understanding
For those who know nothing..thanks too
For YOU thanks for THIS..
Thanks for the happiness
Thanks for the sadness that YOU gave
Thanks for everything..u let me learnt so many things
Let me live happily k..
I try to hate u but I cant
I try to forget u but I miss u
I try to hurt u but im hurt too..
Hidup baik-baik..