new entry today~~FIVE MAGIC WORDs
the magic words:
*Thank you
*Excuse me

all dis words really bermakna in my lyfe..
bkn susah ponn nk people skrg sgt ego nk gune kan all dis words
kdg2 terpikir jugak nape ad org yg sgt tnggi ego??x rugi pon if skali skala kte trun kan ego untuk kbaikan~
words kat ats 2 mcm dh sebati dlm idop ak..
1st SALAM every time kte nk jmpe org greet them so dat they feel comfrtable.
2nd THANKS to show that we appreciate of what they done
then PLEASE when we want to get others help..dorg akn lg seronok nk tolong
5th SORRY da most important word kot..
just say sorry if we know that we wrong
kurang kan ego utk kbaikan..salah ke??
rugi ke????
TAK!!!people will love u more

The five magic words are; salam, thanks, excuse, please and sorry.
 First, salam or greeting. When we need to approach someone no matter in what business that we are doing first we need to greet them. Besides our appearance, our manner also gives good impression to others.  
Second, thank you, the words that we often forget when we receive help from others. Indeed, for some people it is very difficult to say this. Why? because "thank you" need sincerity, "thank you" need a warm gaze, "thank you" needs a touch of love. We must realize that the actual assistance given to our people - whatever that is - will not be replaced. Many people try to 'give back' to others, but often this is in fact gave birth to disappointment and even hostility.
Why? Because there would be no reason that can be shortchanged . Eye cannot be replaced by the eye, a tooth cannot be replaced with dental  and life definitely cannot be replaced with life!
What if that giving aid is not the people we know? what if that provided assistance are our parents? what if that giving aid is an angel? and what if that giving aid is God? Could we reply them?
The answer is simple: ABLE!
God has assembled two words for you, thank you. Two words to represent them all. These two words have ever represented any replies given by the people around you. The words 'thank you' you say is to realize that the help which he gave was not shortchanged help but the help which is very meaningful to your life.
How long have you begin to 'forget' to say these words to parents, friends, or God?
Thank you, can make you learn to respect other people, can make you 'peace' - with others, with nature 
and with God.

Third is excuse. "Excuse me" allows us to accept ourselves circumstances, as a human being, that it was impossible to escape from guilt. Used this word as u need to disturb the people for things that u want. For example “excuse madam, can I get your signature ?” . If I as the person who was disturbed by you I might give my signature as you approach me politely. Imagine if you just come and ask without politeness, the possibilities for me to ignore you are higher. Thus why don’t if we start to used this word. Its not just show our good manners but also showing that we respect others.

Fourth, please. every people know, if we are social beings, we cannot be able to live alone without the other. So the word "Please" is the word 'very fair pronounced'.
"Please" makes us aware of the limitations that exist within us. "Please" makes us 'more able' to receive ourselves as it is. "Please" make us better able to see clearly what can and what we cannot do and in the further process this can help us to accept any shortcomings that exist within us.
Some people feel 'embarrassed' to say "please". Why? Because unconsciously we are 'educated' to become 'independent'. Independent does not mean we do not need others, independent does not mean being selfish and never involve anyone else. Self is a process of self discovery and I know the word "Help" will be urgently needed to reach self-sufficiency and if not you will be lost to due to selfishness.

Please do not hesitate to ask for help to someone. Did you know that in a person's heart would always be a desire to help others? That always comes up hope to be helpful and meaningful to others?This is a natural instinct given by God to every human being.
So, respect others by asking 'please' to them. It will make them feel valuable in your life, let them feel relieved and happy because they could help you. Do not be ashamed to ask for help to others.

Lastly sorry, don't hesitate to say sorry. Maybe some people feel hard to utter these words, because a lot of assumption that people who ask for forgiveness would be considered weak, lost, or powerless. In reality this is really not true!
"I'm sorry" can help us in the 'process of forgive' yourself which in turn can bring to the process of 'forgive others'. "Sorry" does not mean losing, otherwise, sorry to make us learn to respect other people that will eventually bring 'unexpected victory' on us. "Sorry" to give a lesson that 'truth is a right for all people'.
In fact, sometimes "sorry" can make our enemies ashamed, ashamed of himself, ashamed of the arrogance and hubris that always he held especially if he really knows that the real blame lies with himself.

And do not be afraid to ask for forgiveness and never worry if your "Sorry" is not acceptable. In every human heart, there will always be a desire to forgive and forgive others? So, please do not hesitate to utter the word "Sorry" and open your heart, and destroy that pride.
~ak tengah baran act..susah sgt ke nk say sorry???hishhh