friends i miss u..
thanks for all support dat u all gve..
thanks for da hapiness dat u all bring..
thanks for everything
live ur life happily k..

ATY yg sgt kuat nanges..n sgt byk tlg ak kot~thanks aty
dah besar dah jgn nanges byk2
t x lawa..haha
be tough k..syg ko

DIANNE si cantek..dorm mate f1..bersama sampai la kt matrik..
miss gda tyme when u call me shille pandai :)
xda org ckp mcm 2 dah now ni :(

JAJA yg baek dan sopan sanyun
byk bg teguran yg sgt membantu..

NUYUN miss u much~~
especially when it comes to exam week
ko sgt rajen nk bace kan buku for ak..huwaaa ;'(
nk NUYUN!!!exam dah dkt ni

AYUE MAT NOR kawan gaduh ak..hahaha
xpenah aman ade je bnda nk gduh ngn ko
tp ak still SYG ko taw :))
byk gaduh tp byk jgk rahsia ak kt ko
keep all da secrets baek2 taw

ANNE thanks 4 being such a gud fren 4 me
luv u

AZZAH teman seperjuangan dr f1..same2 nanges homesick
same2 bz ngn koop
same2 lecture junior
n plg best same2 tengok BINTANG..

ni QIE2 ngn AWW
qie2 PRA ak yg sgt garang sbenarnye tp baik org nye..haha
thanks qie
AWW bdk pandai.

bile ktorg xda keje..
meluang kan masa bersama melakukan pekara2 sengal
tp ak SUKEE :)

EZAT si cantek manis
miss u
luv u 
tah ble lg dpt g umah ko

IRSYA gedds haha
mule2 kenal ko kate ak KEREK??sampai ati
last2 sonokkan dpt kwn cam ak ni?haha
miss u laaa~
thanks jd pendengar setia tangisan ak

AAN!!!rndu ko..
hehe ank kesayangan Mr Naim.tah nape tah ak nk pnggl ko ngn gelaran 2
mcm seswai sgt:)
nanti blek kg bgtaw ak k..leh jmpe lg
x kesah la ak kne rempit ponn..haha

ni smue gmbar geng KOMUNITI BESTARI
xtaw nk tlis pe bout korg
yg pntg sgt happy kwn ngn korg
n susah nk cri fren cam korg
miss u all esp cik dean,mama,epis n shimi
jauh d mata dkt d hati k

ak, NINA  n IKIN
sgt baek ngn dorg tyme 2nd sem
ukhuwah berkekalan ye sayang2 ku :)

kenangan bersama H1T19 KMPk
miss them all

sweet memories with H1T3 KMPk

MARINE BIO class plg hevoc..syg korg semue!
teruskan usaha menjelajah alam marin k

i won't promise to be your friend forever because i won't live that long.but let me be your friend as long as i live


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sgtlah RINDU ye...

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