this story was created yesterday..
ok dok UMT time cuti mmg da jadi hobi aku kot (urghhhh)
dan cuti 4 hari menambahkan lagi 'kegirangan' aku yang hampir pengsan kebosanan yaaamatttt
sambil belek2 album, mcm dapat one idea..
so here goes the story of unlucky male turtle..finding love..hoping for perfect ending the enddd...sile la bace sendiri :)

finally there is no such thing as perfect ending
tak mencabar la hidupkan kalau everything pon perfect..
so here is declaration of the imperfect shille yusof:
i am not perfect and never be perfect..thats why Allah create 'someone' to be my other half, (ok i'm hoping for perfect ending la jugak kan..jodohkan dah ditetapkan cume nak berusaha mencari tu belom lagi)..see the imperfect me yang malas :)..i am not perfect that i always fails to memorize something simple, i wear jeans for jogging, i get angry for nothing.. i can't cook like Chef Wan (tetibe)..i suddently can't eat spicy foods..i don't have perfect body like model..i don't always do what people expect of conclussion i am human from planet Earth. the imperfect human..alaa lagipun mane ade hunan yang perfect kan??

thats all for now..thanks to all readers :)